TeamCity is a Java-based sophisticated CI tool offered by JetBrains. It also offers integration with several IDEs including, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and Visual Studio. Travis CI supports various software languages, and the build configuration for each of those languages is complete. Jenkins is a cross-platform open-source CI tool written in Java. It offers configuration through both the GUI interface and the console commands.

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The Role of WAAP Platforms in the CI/CD Pipeline.

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Starting out with GitHub Actions is very easy and leveraging it for automation workflows is valuable. It is one of the few resources available today for free that offers complete CI/CD capabilities and more. Docker helps package the application’s source code into an image that is reused in any environment. There are many containerization tools available in the market, but Docker has stood the test of time.

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Small teams and startups often adopt CI/CD tools in their early stages of growth. If the technology is not scalable, it may have to rebuild the composite development landscape. Otherwise, it might make more sense to craft your automation scripts from scratch if the installation requires too much time, effort, and other technologies. Further, DevOps processes are often executed on-premise, which might be a factor when selecting the best CI/CD tool for your organization. Some vendors may be able to help you with tailored installation services for organization-specific use cases. The core pillar of a CI / CD system is the support and integration of the underlying Version Control System .

What are some common CI/CD tools

It also provides built-in integrations to Google Kubernetes Engine, App Engine, Firebase, and Cloud Functions. With these built-in integrations, you can implement Continuous Delivery seamlessly using Google Cloud Build. By integrating Azure DevOps with Spectral, you can control build status and mitigate vulnerabilities with ever-green updates and no maintenance (among other things!). In this blog, you’ll see the different CI/CD tools available in the market and when it is appropriate to use each tool. CloudZero is the only solution that enables you to allocate 100% of your spend in hours — so you can align everyone around cost dimensions that matter to your business. Buildbot is primarily a job scheduling tool for Python 3.0 and later.

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TeamCity integrates with .NET technologies better than any other CI tool out there. There are many important .NET tools included in TeamCity, such as code coverage analysis, several .NET testing frameworks, and static code analysis. Learn more about benefits of continuous integration and delivery, how to approach its adoption, and what challenges to expect along the way from our dedicated article. The more of your existing toolset you can integrate into a CD solution, the more sophisticated your pipelines will be.

What are some common CI/CD tools

By connecting your code repository (GitHub, Bitbucket, etc.) to your CD pipeline, you can automatically trigger your pipeline every time a new artifact is committed. Unfortunately, this is making it harder to distinguish between CI tools and CD tools. The reality is most CI tools can be extended to CD, but that involves custom scripting, script maintenance, and a less than ideal end solution.

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Hence, MongoDB and Node.js are essential for installing this CI. The tool offers supports for different plugins that modify the database schema & register HTTP routes. Circle CI is a flexible CI tool that runs in any environment like cross-platform mobile app, Python API server or Docker cluster. This tool reduces bugs and improves the quality of the application. With many Continuous Integration tools available in the market, it is quite a tedious task to select the best tool for your project. Following is a list of top 20 CI tools with popular features and download links.

What are some common CI/CD tools

CI also allows for a constantly available current build that can be used for testing, demos, or releases. CI forms the first part of the pipeline and is typically required for progressing to CD. It is a software development practice where developers are required to integrate code into a shared repository multiple times per day in the hopes of getting rapid feedback.

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Codeship bears the responsibility of workflows making the process automated including the development and deployment of the code. TeamCity is a great tool for beginners and people pushing their code onto version control systems. TeamCity has great integration facilities with version control systems and different integrated development environments. For a beginner, it is free for 100 builds which is a great deal. CodeShip by CloudBees is an AWS-based software-as-a-service solution for running CI/CD. By means of parallel pipelines, concurrent builds, and caching, CodeShip allows for deploying with ease multiple times per day.

What are some common CI/CD tools

HashiCorp’s Terraform helps to manage changes to cloud resources from one central location, regardless of the provider. It was developed to provide top-notch performance and high scalability. Codefresh’s Kubernetes Dashboard makes it simple to keep tabs on clusters as they deploy, run, and engage in other activities. A release dashboard with 1-click rollbacks, and an integrated chart repository, are just a few of the tools that help make managing Helm releases easier. Buddy’s average deployment time is 12 seconds, and its setup process only takes 15 minutes, owing to its straightforward and friendly user interface.


Wercker can be a suitable choice for developers who are working with or are considering starting a new project based on Docker. Wercker supports organizations and their development teams to work with CI/CD, microservices, and Docker. As we’ve seen, building a CI/CD pipeline eliminates waste and helps create a leaner, more efficient software development and release process. Armed with this data you can identify areas that might need attention so you can keep improving your pipeline. Slower builds may indicate a need to increase capacity while an increase in mean fix times might be a sign of a process or cultural issue. Just like GitLab is a preferred choice for Git lovers, Wercker is a preferred choice for the developers working on dockers and microservices.

  • CodeBees’ Codeship provides CI/CD as a Service, simplifying setup, control, and operations at scale.
  • Along the lines of the best CI CD tools on the market, Codefresh comes with build parallelism support, and it features both on-premise and cloud variants.
  • Today, we focus greatly on the quick development ideology deploying the changes every week or every fifteen days.
  • Well, the CI tools are great to build the artifacts deployed by your CD solution.
  • Automating the build process using FinalBuilder is efficient and easy, as the easy-to-use graphical interface gives a clear-cut visual outline of the build process.

Supports a long list of version control systems such as Git, Mercurial, Subversion etc. Ability to parallelize builds simultaneously in various environments. Buddy’s streamlined and intuitive interface has proven to be one of the fastest and most efficient CI/CD tools with a reduced failure rate after deployment.

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You can also use any language and run your builds on Linux, ARM, Windows, containers, and macOS. Support seamless collaboration between distributed software engineers, such as creating tasks, backlogs, and keeping track of CI/CD processes. Free up software engineers to focus on more creative tasks, such as inventing new features, rather than doing repetitive work. Continuous Delivery automates most tasks but require software engineers to manually approve changes before they go live in production. Octopus DeployOctopus’s primary differentiators are its simplicity and automation capabilities. You may immediately get tutorials and directions for all major programming languages, package repositories, and build servers.